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UAE Has No Intentions to Increase VAT This Year

The UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs Obaid Al-Tayer just announced that the UAE has no intentions to increasing the VAT in the next five years, after there was an increase in many commodities’ prices following the five percent increase last January. “If you’re referring to the next five y..

Egyptian Armed Forces Launches an Extensive Operation to Wipeout Militants in...

One month before the Egyptian presidential elections, the Egyptian Armed Forces launched a new operation under the name Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018. The operation, run under President Abdel-fattah El-Sisi, is taking place to defy terrorism and end the presence of extremist groups in the Sinai..

Are Saudi Women No Longer Required to Wear Abayas?

In another attempt towards modernization in Saudi Arabia and giving women more rights and greater freedom, a senior member of the top Muslim clerical body said that “Saudi women need not wear the abaya.” Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a Member of the Council of Senior Scholars, said on his program that ..

Egypt To Develop The First Hydropower Plant in the Middle East

The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity is planning to build the first hydropower plant in the Middle East, Ataqa pumped storage project, located on Ataqa Mountain, Red Sea. The plant will be built at a capacity of 2,400-MW to utilize renewable energy resources. The project will be developed in coopera..

10 Schools in Alexandria Evacuated Due to Chlorine Leakage

The Alexandria Education Directorate called upon 10 schools to be evacuated in Al-Seyouf neighborhood because of a leakage of chlorine gas that occurred in the water. The leak resulted in the suffocation of three students and their immediate transfer to the hospital. The public prosecutors started a..

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Donates $2 Million To Hospitals in Gaza

The UAE donated $2 million to a UN program that will supply electricity to hostels in Gaza. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, took it upon himself to help hospitals in need after there was a reduced electricity supply in the territory that has been under Israeli control for the p..

First Ever Warner Brothers Indoors Theme Park Is Coming to the...

The first ever Warner Bros. indoor theme park is set to open in Abu Dhabi this summer on Yas Island and we just can’t wait! Ready to stand with the Justice League in defence of the earth? #JusticeLeague Warworld Attacks will set you alongside Earth’s most famous heroes against an alien invasion. The..

Choueifat International School is Temporarily Closed Over Fears of Meningitis

Tarek Shawki, the Education Minister, announced on Monday that study will be suspended for a week at Choueifat due to fears over the spread of meningitis disease among students. Shawki said that a press conference will be held on Saturday to announce more details, and noted that the ministry’s decis..

We are Super Proud of this Egyptian Superhero and Here’s Why...

The Emirates Group has honored an Egyptian employee in its 11th edition of the ‘Najm Chairman’s Awards’ ceremony after he rescued a baby’s life on-board a flight from London’s Heathrow to Dubai. The ceremony took place at Emirates’ Group Headquarters. Essam Mostafa, a Cabin Crew Member, was serving ..

Kuwaiti Blogger Sentenced to Five Years in Prison Over UAE Insults

Kuwaiti Blogger, Dr. Abdullah Saleh, was just sentenced to five years in prison, with labor, over charges of insulting the UAE. According to Kuwait Times, Saleh has filed an asylum request to Britain, declaring his wish not to return to Kuwait. Moreover, he was sentenced to a number of other crimina..

Shereen Reda Just Won Best Actress At The ECFA Festival

Everyone’s favorite Super Star Shereen Reda won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie Photocopy, at the 44th Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival, which took place between 27 January and 3 February. The film also got the Best First Film award for Director Tamer Ashry and a Special Ce..

UAE is Building a New Tower to Dethrone Burj Khalifa

Already having the world’s tallest tower is apparently not enough, Dubai is building an even taller tower, Dubai Creek Tower, which is set to eclipse the Burj Khalifa. His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum was seen today checking the impressive progress of the tower which is designed to..

President El-Sisi Just Landed in the UAE To Discuss Social Reforms

The President of Egypt visited the UAE on Tuesday and met with HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. The three are seen during the reception at the Presidential Airport. The UAE’s official WAM news agency announced earlier that El-Sisi had arrived in..

AUC Has Just Created A New Currency and Here’s Everything You...

Imagine buying whatever you want on campus without any cash, well the American University In Cairo is taking a step forward to a cashless campus for its students, but instead, student IDs will be used as the payment method. The AUC calls it “AUC Coin” and it will enable safe and guaranteed transacti..

Will Queen Elizabeth II’s Ship be Dubai’s Latest Royal Hotel?

After nearly a decade in Port Rashid’s dock, the world’s famous Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship is set to open as a hotel and museum during the first half of 2018. The ship settled at the Dubai ports back in November 2008, after it’s final trip from England and it has been undergoing a makeover […] ..

Tuk Tuks and Zaffas are Taking Over Jeddah and Saudi Arabia...

One thing that stands out in the streets of Cairo, amidst the insane traffic and chaos, is the yellow and black tuk tuk. The music blasting and popular means of transportation in suburban areas in Cairo has finally reached the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we’re shocked. Anyone who has been to Jeddah ..

UAE to Donate $100 Million to the Global Partnership for Education

The United Arab Emirates have always proved to be a role model when it comes to prioritizing charity and good deeds. They always put children at the forefront, and this major initiative is focusing on children in developing countries all around the world. The UAE is the first Arab country to support..

UAE Adopts a Housing Plan to Build 7,200 New Homes for...

The UAE cabinet approved the country’s commitment to build 7270 new homes for their citizens across the UAE’s seven Emirates over the next three years and the projects are estimated to cost the country around Dhs7.2bn. “Housing peace, tranquility and a dignified life. The state will not stop support..

Is a Disneyland Themed Amusement Park Coming to Egypt?

On Thursday, February 1st, an investment contract with Entertainment World Company was signed by Matrouh Governor Alaa Abu Zeid for a joint investment project to establish a Disneyland-style amusement park In Egypt. It’s said that the park will be worth around $3.3 billion. According to Egypt Indepe..

Al-Banna’s Grandson, Tariq Ramadan, Denies Rape Accusations

The Oxford Professor of Islamic Studies, Tariq Ramadan, was taken into custody on Wednesday by the French police following accusations of rape and sexual assaults by several women. A judicial source told Reuters that an investigation was opened after two women testified that they’ve been sexually ha..

The Countdown Begins for Promoting Solutions for The Ethiopian-Egyptian Dam Crisis

A trilateral meeting was held on Monday in Addis Ababa between the leaders of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to discuss differences over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The three leaders set a one-month deadline for each country to lay out possible solutions for the pending technical issue o..

UN Gaza Workers are Protesting President Trump’s Funding Freeze

Thousands of employees at the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees took the streets on Monday in Gaza against US President Donald Trump’s freeze of millions of dollars in aid! The US aid is immensely vital to the continuous efforts taken to help out Palestinian refugees; thus, the UN depen..

A New Species Of African Dinosaurs Discovered in Egypt

An expedition from Mansoura University sought to uncover a new species of dinosaur that is found a critical discovery for science. The paleontologists named it Mansourasaurus Shahinae and found it in the Dakhla Oasis in Central Egypt. According to BBC the enormous plant eater was the size of a schoo..

Angelina Jolie and her Children are In Jordan and Here’s Why!

The world’s famous family met with Syrians who have fled war in their home country. Angelina Jolie has long been known as a committed activist and a dedicated charity campaigner and now Angelina Jolie is passing on her humanitarian values to her children and teaching them all what she has learned in..

UAE To Open Its First Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is opening its first ever Hindu temple and it will officially has its doors open by the time the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the UAE in February. The commencement ceremony will be live-streamed to the public during a reception in Dubai, but the official ceremony will be held..

UAE Mourns the Death of Sheikha Hessa

WAM news agency announced on Sunday that Sheikha Hessa bint Mohammed bin Khalifa Al-Nahyan, the mother of Sheikh Khalifa President of the UAE, has passed away. At press time, the state run news agency released no details regarding her death nor her age. A statement was issued by the Ministry of Pres..

Petroleum Prices in UAE is Set to Rise in February

In line with International rates, fuel prices in the UAE is set to rise in February 2018, an increase for the third consecutive month since December. The UAE announced new petroleum prices on Sunday including the VAT (5 percent). The new prices per liter for February are: Super 98 at Dh2.36 ; Specia..

“Tramadol” British Woman Pardoned With Presidential Decree

After the 33 year old British woman was sentenced to three years in prison for drug smuggling, she was pardoned earlier this week and she will supposedly be released next Saturday. According to The Sun, Laura Plummer was sentenced last December for smuggling in her suitcase 290 Tramadol tablets, a d..

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Releases ‘Luxury’ Jail Video

One of the world’s richest men and biggest investors, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, has just redefined the word ‘Luxury’. During a crackdown on corruption, the Saudi Arabian prince, whose Kingdom Holding company has held major stakes in Fox, Time Warner, Citigroup, Twitter, Apple, Arab satellite TV ne..

The Most Recent Presidential Candidate Just Got Arrested For Forgery

via blogspot After Sami Anan officially announced on January 20 on his official Facebook account that he was intending to run in Egypt’s presidential elections, he reportedly have been accused of forgery and he is now under arrest, according to his Election Campaign Lawyer, Mahmoud Refaat’s twitter ..

A Fire Took Place in Dubai and HH Sheikh Mohammed Al...

After a horrific fire took place in a house in Dubai and seven siblings sadly passed away HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid took it upon himself to make sure everyone in Dubai is safe and that all building are equipped with fire safety kits in case of emergencies. Not only did he announce this, but also..

Will Another Sand Storm Hit Egypt Tonight?

Grab your blankets, make some hot chocolate and stay in front of your electric heater tonight because it’s going to get real cold tonight in Cairo. Also, a personal tip from your writer: grab a chocolate bar and place it in front of your heater (but not too close) and enjoy the best chocolate fondue..

Egypt and Saudi Arabia Concerned Over Turkey-Sudanese Island Pact

Turkey’s recent deal to lease Suakin Island from Sudan raised concerns and tensions in the region. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey just plans to renovate the island and restore Ottoman Relics. But Egypt, as well as Saudi Arabia, are concerned that Turkey’s plans could go much furt..

Saudi Arabia: Women Over 25 Years Old Allowed Tourist Visa Without...

Now, women over 25 years old are allowed a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia without having to be accompanied with a chaperone or a family member, stated a spokesman for the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH). “The tourist visa will be a single-entry visa valid for a maximum of 30..

2,500 Lanterns Light Up Abu Dhabi’s Sky Commemorating The Year Of...

Last night in Abu Dhabi, 2,500 solar lanterns lit to shape the face of Sheikh Zayed, lighting the sky near the founding father’s legacy mosque. On the first day of 2018, The Year of Zayed kicked off with a Guinness World Record-breaking with UAE’s laser light show. Now, another world record has been..

Mortada Mansour Promises to Ban Facebook If Elected Egypt’s Next President

Mortada Mansour Promises to Ban Facebook If Wins 2018 Presidential Elections 2018 is already taking us on an emotional roller coaster because Mortada Mansour might be your next Egyptian president. Egyptian MP, Chairman of Zamalek Sporting Club and Lawyer announced this Saturday to TV presenter, Ah..

After A Week Of Unrest, Tunisian Government Announced Social Reforms

Protests have taken the streets of Tunisia since the seventh of January, after the government raised value-added tax and social contributions, and increased some prices on goods in its 2018 budget. People argue that the conditions have not improved since the overthrow of President Ben Ali at the sta..

Qatari Fighter Jets Trespasses Emirati Airspace And The UAE Is Not...

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) accused Qatari fighter jets for ‘intentionally’ intercepting two passenger planes flying in international airspace on their way to Bahrain on Monday morning. However, Qatar denied all accusations. The UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation said in a statement publish..

A Piece Of History Was Just Stolen From The Pyramids And...

A 30 centimeters-long piece of an ancient cemetery door inside the Great Giza Pyramid, Khofo, was stolen last week but it was only announced now by Al-Masry Al-Youm. It was also reported that the door was one of two doors at Nefer Theth’s Cemetery. via mobtada Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that the the..

This Recent Cabinet Reshuffle Has Just Made History For Women, Here’s...

Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail appointed two new female ministers in the cabinet reshuffle last Sunday; Enas Abdel Dayem as Minister of Culture, and Rania Al-Mashat as Minister of Tourism. via egypttoday Before the reshuffle, Ismail’s cabinet had already appointed three women, namely Dr. Gha..

This is How the UAE is Contributing to Bringing Back Education...

Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), recently, signed an agreement with the Education Office in Yemen’s Shabwa province to restore classrooms in a school. The move is part of an ongoing effort to support education in liberated areas of Yemen. ‫تغلبت هيئة ⁧‫#الهلال_الأحمر_الإماراتي‬⁩ على وعورة الطرق في منطق..

A Viral Video Showing King Farouk’s Stolen Bedroom Suite Being Sold...

The official Facebook page for King Farouk the First has just shared quite a disturbing video. Apparently, the king’s bedroom suite was displayed for sale back in 2016 on an American website called M.S. Rau Antiques. Allegedly during a tour at Egypt’s Giza Zoo, Former Minister of Agriculture and La..

Despite Promises, Egypt Witnesses A Massive Hike in Medicine Prices

The Ministry of Health has agreed to raise the prices of 30 pharmaceutical drugs on Tuesday from 10% to 50% after weeks of pressure from drug companies. Despite Ahmed Emad Rady, The Minister of Health, confirmation that there won’t be any raise in the drugs prices, the increase came as a shock to t..

Is It Snowing in Saudi Arabia This Weekend?

via funalive The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection has predicted the forecast of the northern areas of Saudi Arabia and it’s expected that it will experience snowfall Today. Hussein Al-Qahtani, Spokesman for the Authority, told the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that there wil..

Controversial Professor and Presidential Candidate Shares Her Two Cents on Tourism,...

University Professor and Author of “Revolution Is My Name”, Mona Prince, is once again going viral. If the name sounds familiar, it is because she is constantly making headlines with her controversial dancing videos. Miss Prince previously announced running for the 2018 presidential elections. This..

Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Just Made History With His...

A 28 year old woman, from the United Arab Emirates, just became the first to receive of a new scholarship at Oxford University. Rana Al-Mutwa earned the first-ever University of Oxford-Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship is funded by the Mohammed bin Rashid A..

You’ll Be Touched by King Salman’s Latest Gesture

via wordpress King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has decreed a house and a car for a Saudi man who lost seven members of his family in a horrific car accident last week as compensation. The man, Sami Bin Mohammad Al-Nami, lost his wife and six of children in a horrific accident on the Sabya road in..

Executions in Saudi Arabia Reach the Highest Level in Two Decades

Via AP Ever since 32-year-old prince Mohammed Bin Salman has been crowned, Saudis (and the rest of the world) have had hopes for the kingdom. The prince has been doing some serious social reforms, such as rescinding the ban on women driving and allowing movie theaters to operate. Via Business Insi..

Dubai Expats Can Now Learn Arabic For Free Thanks to This...

Via The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) announced yesterday that they will provide free workshops to teach Arabic to foreigners as part of their Bil Arabi Initiative. The initiative will coincide with UN Arabic Language Day, 18th of November, and until the end of..

Saudi Arabia to Allow Movie Theaters for the First Time in...

Via Getty Images Saudi Arabia has just officially declared that public movie theaters will return to the kingdom for the first time in 35 years. The decision is reportedly being pushed through by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who also happens to be behind Saudi Arabia’s recent decisions to all..

New Year’s Eve in Dubai Is Going to Be Very, Very...

New Year’s Eve is upon us, which basically means it’s almost let’s-watch-ome-crazy-fireworks-o’clock. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is known for its iconic New Year’s firework displays, however, they’re doing things differently this year. Via India In a tweet, Emaar Dubai announced that the traditional fir..

Palestinian-American Model Bella Hadid Joined a ‘Free Palestine’ Protest in London

After American President Donald Trump made the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, many individuals, organizations, and countries made their opposition clear. The move sparked outrage across the world and people voiced their anger in different ways! I’ve been waiting to put th..

Sheikh Mohammed Begins the Search for the UAE’s Fantastic Four

The UAE has begun their search for their very own Fantastic Four. We’re not even joking… Via The National His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, called on young Emirati men and women to register for the Emirates program ..

No Parking Fines Are Issued in This Dubai Neighborhood

Okay so, everyone despises parking fines. They come in second after Donald Trump, especially after his latest stunt. Via Tumblr But again, parking fines are the absolute work of the devil. Which is why the following piece of information has made us really jealous of everyone living in that neighbo..

AUC Students Protest Trump’s Declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of...

Happening Now: #AUC students stand for Al-Quds #القدس_عاصمة_فلسطين A post shared by American University in Cairo (@auc_egypt) on Dec 7, 2017 at 3:21am PST Students at the American University in Cairo are currently protesting against American president Donald Trump’s latest decision. The White Hous..

US Becomes First Country to Declare Jerusalem Israel’s Capital

United States President Donald Trump has overturned decades of official US policy by declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. “I am determined that it is time to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” said Trump in a press conference as Vice President Michael Pence stood beh..

VIDEO: 19-Year-Old Girl Ordered to Take Hijab off at McDonald’s in...

Another day, another hate crime against an innocent teenager who wanted nothing but to enjoy food. A security guard at McDonald’s in the UK refused to serve a hijabi girl unless she took off her headscarf. The incident took place at McDonald’s branch on Seven Sisters Road, North London. We here at ..

The World Reacts to Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

The White House announced that American President, Donald Trump, will formally declare recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday 6th of December. Since the announcement, the entire Arab and Islamic worlds erupted with rage and anger, for the decision that will potentially lead t..

Egyptian Sherif Osman Wins Gold at the World Para Powerlifting Championships

Photo of Sherif Osman via his Facebook page Egyptian Sherif Osman secured a gold medal at the Mexico City 2017 World Para Powerlifting Championships on Sunday after lifting 205 kilos. Iranian Amir Jafari Arangeh won the silver with 187 kilos while another Iranian Seyed Yousefi became the bronze med..

Egypt Crowned the Champion of the 2017 WSF Squash World Team...

Photo Courtesy of Pharaoh Squash Egypt won the 2017 WSF Squash World Team Championships that took place in Marseille, France from 27 November till 3 December leaving England as the runner-up. Ramy Ashour, Karim Abdel Gawad, Marwan El-Shorbagy, and Aly Farag presented the Egyptian team at the Men’s..

SODIC to Provide Clean Water to 1000 Homes in Ezzbet Khair...

A photo of children playing football in Ezzbet Khair Allah. Photo Credit: Reuters SODIC, one of the country’s leading real estate development companies, to secure clean water network to 1000 homes in Ezzbet Khair Allah, one of Egypt’s informal communities. The project to be carried out over one ye..

Arab Idol Winner Mohammed Assaf Goes on US Tour to Aid...

via twitter Palestinian pop singer Mohammed Assaf, who also happens to be the winner of Arab Idol’s second season, is currently on a US tour, for all the best reasons. Why, you ask? Because Assaf has already raised more than $275,000 for Palestinian refugees during his first half of the tour. The ..

Heroic German Pilots Refuse to Deport Rejected Refugees

via quartz 222 planned flights of deportation were stopped by pilots across Germany. The flights were reportedly carrying rejected asylum seekers. The German pilots are being praised for not wanting to take part in the controversial return of the refugees to their home country. The asylum seekers ..

Yemen’s Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh Has Been Killed in Sanaa

CNN and Independent have just announced the death of Yemeni former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The radio station of Yemen’s Houthi-run Interior Ministry said on Monday that the militia’s former war ally turned adversary had been killed as fighting racked the capital Sanaa. Via CNN Unverified foo..

Egyptian Windsurfer Salma El-Ashmawy Qualifies for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Photo by Housam El-Din Kamal Egyptian windsurfer Salma el-Ashmawy qualifies for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games after her participation in the windsurfing Techno Plus competition which took place at the Moonbeach Windsurfing Centre, Ras Sudr from November 27 to December 2. Along with el-Ashmawy, four..

For the First time in 66 Years, Egypt Wins Gold at...

Mohamed Ihab. Photo Credit: AP Egyptian weightlifter Mohamed Ihab wins three gold medals at the World Championship taking place in Anaheim, the United States (US) on Saturday securing gold for Egypt since the year 1951. Ihab has competed in the Men’s 77kg securing three gold medals for Egypt. Iha..

Egypt’s Safarni Wins Second Place in UN Award

On Thursday, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and BMW Group for the Intercultural Innovation Award announced the 10 awardees for 2017, ranking Egypt’s Safarni project second. Safarni designs and facilitates “Simulated Travel Adventures” for children, with little exposure to dive..

27 Egyptian Statues of Lioness Goddess Discovered in Luxor

Photo Credit: Ministry of Antiquities via the official Facebook page. A collection of 27 statues of the ancient Egyptian lioness goddess, Sekhmet, has been discovered in Luxor, according to the Ministry of Antiquities. Excavation work has been carried out by an Egyptian European Archaeological Mis..

Egypt’s Former PM Ahmed Shafiq to ‘Investigate What is Needed’ to...

File photo of Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq Egypt’s Former PM Ahmed Shafiq said that he has ‘the chance to investigate more and see exactly what is needed’ in response to his previously announced intentions to run for the 2018 presidential elections In an interview with TV host Wael el-Ebrash..

Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh Killed in Sanaa: Sources

Former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed in the country’s capital Sanaa, according to his assistant and a statement issued by his General People’s Congress Party. As of yet unverified photos and video footage circulated by on social media show men hurling a corpse of what looks ..

North Sinai Sawarka Tribe Asks to Fight Alongside Egyptian Army Against...

Damaged vehicles are seen after a bomb exploded at Al Rawdah mosque in Bir Al-Abd. November 25, 2017. Photo Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Soliman. In the wake of the gruesome attack on a mosque in the Bir al-Abd village in North Sinai on November 24, one of the peninsula’s largest and most powerful tribe..

Egyptian Lawyer is Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Inciting...

Egyptian Lawyer Nabih El-Wahsh Egyptian Lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh is sentenced to three years in prison in addition to EGP 20,000 fine for inciting rape and sexual harassment. Al-Wahsh has been referred to court, late November, on charges of inciting rape and sexual harassment after saying that raping..

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar to Lead Friday Prayers at al-Rawda...

Al-Rawda Mosque The Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb to lead Friday prayers at al-Rawda mosque in Egypt’s North Sinai where an attack took the lives of 311 and injured 109, according to latest reports by the North Sinai Health Directorate. Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, the Minister of Rel..

World Cup Draw: Egypt Grouped With KSA, Uruguay, and Russia

An Egyptian supporter waves a national flag during the World Cup qualifying playoff second leg soccer match, at the Air Defense Stadium in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 (Photo: AP) The 2018 World Cup draw that has taken place in Russia’s capital of Moscow, on Friday at the Kremlin, revealed ..

Former Prime Minister Shafiq Arrested in UAE, Being Deported to Egypt:...

Egypt’s former prime minister and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq has been arrested at his home on Saturday in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is being deported to Egypt, according to his lawyer Dina Hussein. Shafiq told Reuters on Wednesday that he intends to run for president in the upcomi..

9 Egyptian Startups Participate in the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in...

Under the theme of “Women First, Prosperity for All”, the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is co-hosted in India and the United States (US) bringing entrepreneurs, investors, decisionmakers from all over the world under one umbrella. The summit is held in Hyderabad, India from November 28..

Al-Sisi Orders the Military to Use ‘Brute Force’ to Secure Sinai...

Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ordered the military on Wednesday to thoroughly restore security in Sinai in a period of three months, entitling the military and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to use “brute force” to regain control. The president’s speech came in response to the mosque a..

Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq Intends to Run For the 2018...

Egypt’s former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq told Reuters that he intends to run for president in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for April 2018. Despite announcing plans to return to Egypt in the coming days, he declared, in a video statement, that he is unable to leave the United Arab..

BBC Report Says Mubarak Allowed the Resettlement of Palestinians in the...

Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak during his 30-year rule. According to reports obtained by the BBC, citing the newly-revealed British documents, former president Hosni Mubarak allowed the resettlement of Palestinians in the 1980s in Egypt in response to requests from the United States (US); M..

A Third Candidate Announces Intention to Run For the 2018 Presidential...

Colonel Ahmed Konswa, an architect officer in the Egyptian armed forces, who recently announced he is running for the 2018 presidential elections. Colonel Ahmed Konswa announced that he is running for the 2018 presidential elections making him the third candidate who announces his intentions. “I a..

Death Toll of North Sinai Mosque Attack Rises to 311

Al-Rawda Mosque. The death toll of the attack on a mosque in North Sinai on November 24 has risen to 311 after a number of the wounded succumbed to their injuries. Quoting unnamed sources at the North Sinai Health Directorate, private newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reports that the latest victim to di..

16 New Solar Power Plants to Enrich Egypt’s Renewable Energy Sources

Photo Credit: Reuters As part of its $US 500 million framework to support Egypt’s renewable energy development, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced on Wednesday that it is financing 16 new solar power plants in the country with a capacity of 750 megawatts. The pla..

Egypt Wins MENA Effie Awards For ‘This is Egypt’ Tourism Promotional...

Following its colossal success to promote Egyptian tourism globally, the advertising agency of J. Walter Thompson (JWT) has continued to conquer and won two awards – Gold and Silver awards– for their “This is Egypt” promotional campaign. At the ninth edition of MENA Effie Awards (Effie) that was he..

EgyptAir and Virgin Atlantic Planes’ Wings Clash at JFK Airport

via dailymail London-bound Virgin Atlantic flight was struck by EgyptAir Boeing 777 to Cairo while awaiting take off at JFK airport. The Daily Mail also reported that half of the wing of the Virgin Atlantic went missing after the clash. via dailymail Both planes had been scheduled to leave New Yo..

Iconic Egyptian Actress, Singer Shadia Dies at 86 Years Old

The renowned Egyptian singer and actress Shadia dies at the age of 86. Shadia took part in no less than 112 films, radio shows and drama plays, according to Al Arabiya English. In honor of the artistic career of Shadia, Cairo International Film Festival dedicated its 39th edition to Shadia to cele..

Saudi Authorities Rescue 8 Children from Abusive Father

via arabnews On November 25, Okaz newspaper reported that The Social Protection Unit in the Asir region joined forces with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, in efforts to save eight children from their abusive father. The Unit has a duty towards protecting people from domestic violence..

‘Shocked, Outraged’ to Read The Guardian’s Opinion Piece: Spokesperson of the...

The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt Ahmed Abu Zeid The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Ahmed Abu Zeid, has commented on an opinion article published by The Guardian saying that he is “shocked and outraged”. Abu Zeid further added, through his offi..

The 2017 Windsurfing African Championship Kicks off in Ras Sudr, Egypt

Photo by Housam El-Din Kamal The 2017 Windsurfing African Championship started its events on 27 November with the participation of Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Seychelles. The event is taking place in Moon Beach Resort, located in Ras Sudr, Egypt. The championship includes 21 players; 10 are from ..

Egyptian Journalist Wins Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Innovation Award

Egyptian human rights defender, journalist, and chief editor of the Al Bedaiah online newspaper Khaled Elbalshy won the 2017 Individual Activist award of the Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Innovation Awards on Monday. “In a nation where media freedom is under constant attack, Khaled has boldly and r..

Egyptian Lawyer Faces Trial After ‘Rape is a National Duty’ Remarks

Egyptian Lawyer Nabih El-Wahsh Egyptian Lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh has been referred to court on charges of inciting rape and sexual harassment after saying that raping girls who wear ripped jeans is a ‘national duty’. Al-Wahsh said these comments during a TV interview on the privately-owned Assema TV ..

No Street Celebrations of Mawlid al-Nabi to be Held in Cairo,...

File Photo of Old Cairo The Supreme Council for Sufi Orders has announced the cancellation of street celebrations marking Mawlid al-Nabi, Islamic festival celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammed, following the deadly attack on al-Rawda mosque in Egypt’s North Sinai. The celebrations will be rest..

Africans in Europe Protest the Libyan Slave Trade

via facebook Protests took place across Europe as thousands of demonstrators assembled in Stockholm holding signs that read, “Stop Slavery Now” and “Human Rights For All.” The demonstrations festered throughout Brussels; however, protesters were detained as they marched through the city. Another g..

Pope Francis Holds Minute of Silence in Honor of Egypt’s Victims

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini Pope Francis held a minute of silence in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City to honor the victims of the deadly attack on al-Rawda mosque in Egypt’s North Sinai. Following the traditional Angelus greeting on Sunday, the Pope said that the victims “were p..

Miss Egypt Finally Speaks out About Being Brutally Bullied as a...

via people Bullying is sadly present all around the world – it could happen to any one of us, but it was quite shocking to find out that the same person who won Egypt’s beauty pageant was bullied for her looks. Farah Sedky ha just revealed to PEOPLE magazine that she was fat-shamed during her scho..

Miss Egypt Competes in Miss Universe, Opens Up About Being Bullied...

#MissUniverse Egypt graduated with the highest honors from Ain Shams University. Learn more about her ➡️ — Miss Universe (@MissUniverse) November 20, 2017 Miss Egypt Farah Sedky, 23, may win the title of Miss Universe tonight, but only a few years..

Residents of Bir al-Abd Village Received Threats Prior to Mosque Attack

Discarded shoes of victims outside Al-Rawda in North Sinai, Egypt. Photo Credit: AP Photo. The residents of Bir al-Abd village in North Sinai received threats prior to Friday’s attack warning them of a possible assault, according to testimonies of village residents reported to the privately owned n..

The Residents of Al-Rawda Village Received Threats Prior to the Attack

Discarded shoes of victims outside Al-Rawda in North Sinai, Egypt. Photo Credit: AP Photo. The residents of al-Rawda village, in North Sinai, received threats prior to the attack warning them of a possible assault, according to testimonies of village residents reported to the privately owned newspa..

Union of Sinai Tribes Calls for ‘Revenge’ to Combat Terrorism: Statement

Al-Rawda Mosque. The Union of Sinai Tribes has released a statement condemning Friday’s deadly attack on a mosque in North Sinai while reaffirming they will take ‘revenge’ in the fight against terrorism. They called on those who wish to combat terrorism to join the tribal fighters in the village o..

The World Reacts to Egypt’s Tragic Mosque Attack

via sisegyptgov The tragic mosque attack in Egypt saw to death of over 300 people, and injured 132 people. Om El Donya has been mourning since Friday, but she’s not doing it alone. Grief was felt all around the world. France, Eiffel Tower via egyptindependent On Friday, the Eiffel Tower dimmed it..

This Beirut Building Takes Petty to a Whole New Level It’s...

Whether we like to admit it or not, every single one of us is a fan of a good, juicy, dramatic story — especially when it’s from the Middle East. Earlier this month, AUB Neighborhood Initiative posted a one-of-a-kind story that gave us a lot of feels, but before we delve into that, let’s talk about ..

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